The Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge

The Longteng Broken Bridge [龍騰斷橋]

The Longteng Bridge is located between Sanyi Township’s Shengsing Train Station Station [勝興車站] and Yutengping Station [魚藤坪車站] on the Old Mountain Line Railway [舊山線]. This beautiful red-brick bridge was built in 1905 during the period of Japanese colonial rule. On the morning of April 21, 1935, the massive 7.1 magnitude Hsinchu-Taichung Earthquake destroyed the Longteng Bridge.

Longteng Broken Bridge

All that is left standing has become a tourist stop on the Sanyi Circuit – A quick tour of wood carving shops, Shengsing Train Station, and a stop at any of the area’s several Hakka restaurants. This circuit isn’t very enjoyable on weekends or holidays. I took my folks and my brother here when they visited. Including the farmers selling produce out of their trucks there were only about a dozen other people at the time we went.

Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge

Longteng Broken Bridge

11 thoughts on “The Longteng Broken Bridge

  1. Great shots! At the risk of sounding like the old geezer I’m in the processing of becoming, I can remember this place before it became a tourist attraction. Back in the days when we were dating (circa 2000), my wife took me to see the bridge and the old Shengsing train station. Back then, there were no food vendors or parking lots by the bridge, and around the train station there were only a couple of restaurants and no souvenir shops. Best of all, hardly anyone was there, not like the zoo it is now.

    • I took everyone there on a weekday prior to Lunar New Year so we lucked out. I would have loved to see this place before it became an attraction though. I assume there wasn’t a neatly mowed lawn when you visited in 2000.

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