Hello Kitty Self Check-in Kiosks


Hello Kitty Self Check-In Kiosks

The Cult of Sanrio

Tired of monotonous self check-in kiosks at international airports? Taoyuan County resisted calls to become the only Hello Kitty-free zone in East Asia and allowed Eva Airlines to install Hello Kitty-themed self check-in kiosks at Taoyuan International Airport. Now you too can surround yourself in Hello Kitty before getting on an Eva Airlines Hello Kitty-themed airplane.

11 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Self Check-in Kiosks

  1. I am re-visiting TW for at the moment and when I leave, I’ll look for those check-in kiosks. The airport keeps undergoing construction to really mark itself as an international airport. I like the Hello Kitty waiting area in the departure area as well.

  2. haha! I just went to HK on Friday and was noticing this! I couldn’t believe it! Hello Kitty is taking over Asia and soon, soon the rest of the world will be papered over with Hello Kitty too! I think I’ll reblog this because I didn’t get a chance to take any pics.

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