Micro-NIKKOR Long Time No See!

Sign of the Times

Before the rains began, I spent a couple of lunch breaks walking around some of my favorite stomping grounds in Jhongsing Village. I made  a point to shoot with my macro lens – a Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/4 which has the build quality and weight of a tank’s gun-barrel. I wanted to shoot with this again because since purchasing a wide prime, I haven’t touched any of my other lenses.


An Imperfect Circle

These walks were welcome interruptions to my usual hectic days. The daily temperatures now are also more fitting for doing outdoor activities at noon. Which is great because I can’t get out of bed any earlier than I already do without conking out by early afternoon.


Hanging Out

Being away from my macro lens so long seemed to hone my senses to subjects other than butterflies.


Where I live [台灣 ( Táiwān)]

But that didn’t stop me from taking shots when I saw a butterfly species I hadn’t photographed before:


Athyma perius [info sheet coming soon]

See you outside!

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