Nantou’s Sitou Forest Recreation Park

Sitou Forest Park (1 of 57) Nantou’s Sitou Forest Recreation Park

We visited the Nantou’s Sitou Forest RecreationPark [溪頭森林遊樂區] along with the Monster Village [妖怪村] with a friend who was visiting Nantou for an extended weekend. Despite having a fantastic time at both places and coming back with some great shots, I’ve only recently wrapped up editing the batch of photographs from the Sitou Forest Recreation Park that have been sitting on my hard drive for more than half a year.

Sitou Forest Park (5 of 57) Not much nutrition on this leaf

Sitou Forest Park (7 of 57)Bamboozled

As with any of the area’s attractions – be sure you leave plenty early to avoid the crowds if visiting on a weekend.  As morning progresses, the road up to Sitou’s parking lot gets backed up with cars waiting for others to leave so they can enter and park.  Thinking about visiting during a public holiday?  Might want to consider a different destination.

Sitou Forest Park (8 of 57)
Bamboo Forest

Sitou Forest Park (9 of 57)

Sitou Forest Park (10 of 57)
Going Up

Sitou Forest Park (14 of 57)

Sitou Forest Park (13 of 57)
Looking Up

Sitou Forest Park (17 of 57)
Path [continued]

There are a few different path choices for visitors to take each varying in difficulty. We walked to Sitou’s Sacred Tree: a 2800-year-old behemoth of a cypress tree standing at 38-meters tall.

Sitou Forest Park (32 of 57)
Sitou’s 2,800-year-old cypress

Sitou Forest Park (34 of 57)

Sitou Forest Park (38 of 57)
Trees are Terrific

One attraction that was added since my previous visit to the area was the Sky Walk: a walkway measuring 180-meters and standing more than 20-meters above the ground. The Sky Walk gives visitors a flying squirrel’s view of the forest.

Sitou Forest Park (55 of 57)
The High Road and the Low Road

Sitou Forest Park (53 of 57)
The View from the Sky Walk

Sitou Forest Park (44 of 57)

While in the park we bumped into entertainers Antony [郭彥均] and Angus Guo [郭彥甫] of the pop duo 2moro who were busy filming a television show [Photographs below by Jason Huang]:

Sitou Forest Park (26 of 57) Sitou Forest Park (25 of 57)
Myself and Taiwanese boyband 2moro

Getting There: Got your own transportation? Take Freeway 3 and exit at the Zhushan Interchange. Take Provincial HWY 3 towards Zhushan and turn left at County HWY 151. Otherwise you can catch a shuttle bus from Taichung’s HSR Station or catch one of the buses leaving for Sanlinxi outside Taichung Railway Station [Taichung Bus and Yuanlin Bus companies].

9 thoughts on “Nantou’s Sitou Forest Recreation Park

  1. Sitou is a great place to visit – especially during the week. Nice write up and great photos. I have added a link to your post on my blog.

    • Thanks Tom. Except for taking a picture of the entrance during a trip with my old bicycle club, I still haven’t been to Shanlinxi. I would like to visit there and spend some quality time photographing the Wangyou Forest again.

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