Fenyuan’s Baozang Temple

Baozang Temple
Baozang Temple [寶藏寺]

Baozang Temple is located in Fenyuan Township against the backdrop of Bagua Mountain. I’ve passed this temple several times while cycling but never explored the area until recently. There weren’t many people there during my visit: A couple people were praying in the temple while another handful were chatting near the entranceway. Outside, a few construction workers from a nearby road project were enjoying some shade under some large trees on the temple grounds.

There are conflicting reports regarding the age of this temple:

The local legends said that Baozang Temple was a small monastery enshrining Guanyin Bodhisattva. A Quanzhou settler from Chiayi brought an emblem of Matsu to this temple, which was said to have magical powers. More and more people began to worship Matsu in this temple, so local gentry Hsu Yen-Kuang (許炎光) proposed to rebuild the front hall, which was completed in 1733. After the front hall was completed, a replica of Matsu from Lukang Tianhou Temple was enshrined in this temple. However, according to Changhua County Records, Baozang temple was built by the local villagers in 1785, or maybe this was a record of a major renovation activity [Source].

Baozang Temple

A path up the mountain behind the temple leads to fenced-in recreational area. I saw a few Sakura trees in bloom from the outside and contemplated going in until I was informed that I needed to pay to enter. I figured heading back down the hill and getting a coffee on my way back to work would be a better use of the money in my pocket.

Baozang Temple
View from a hillside path

All photographs from this post were shot on Fujicolor Superia 200.

Location on Google Maps.

Baozang Temple

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