The Jump Project [One through Thirty]

Jump [1 of 30]

Going Up [1 of 30]

In early March, I challenged myself to photograph a jump a day for thirty days. I made my challenge public to anyone who would listen and even did some brainstorming with others about possible jump locations. After a clearing up of the weather that conveniently coincided with a much needed haircut in mid-March, I was ready to begin my project. I’ve done two jump photographs prior to this series: one at Formosa Boulevard Station in Kaohsiung and one in front of some plum blossoms in Fengguidou. I also looked at a few examples of other people’s works – Jumping Project is the largest group on Flickr devoted to portraits of people jumping. Another source of inspiration was Natsumi Hayashi’s incredible levitation blog – Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary – the influence of her photographic style may be obvious in a couple of photographs in this series.

Most of my photographs were taken on weekdays during my lunch break. Some were taken a couple blocks from where I work [and a couple at my workplace], while others were usually within a ten minute driving radius. Most of my shots were taken on shutter priority mode [1/500 s] using my camera’s 20 second shutter release timer and set to take nine consecutive photographs. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the lousy shots were erased on my camera long before they ever made it to my hard drive. Looking back, those would have made a great collage. After beginning my project, it quickly became apparent that because of other priorities and the occasional thunderstorm I wouldn’t be able to complete my project in thirty days.

I really like my first photograph Going Up. In my opinion, it’s a well-composed photograph. Without the movement of my shirt, it would look like I was superimposed to my position. The torn advertisement gives the picture a sense of balance. The horizontal lines contrast well with my direction of movement and can be used to measure my vertical leap.

Jump [2 of 30]

Dots [2 of 30]

Dots was taken in a hurry. I should have taken it when we first arrived at Caotun’s Handcrafts Institute while the sun was low rather than as we were leaving. I should have also tried again to get higher so the bricks could have been completely cropped out of the photograph and the background would only be comprised of those splendid polkadots.

Jump [3 of 30]

Tung Blossom [3 of 30]

Number 3 had nice air, but it’s not a terribly interesting photograph. At this point I should have decided to not make this project a daily chore and just skip a day.

Jump [4 of 30]

Launch Time [4 of 30]

Launch Time was another early shot I thought I nailed – great position and great air.

Jump [5 of 30]

Versus a Triceratops [5 of 30]

Versus a Triceratops is one of two purposely humorous photographs in the series. There are other dinosaurs at this location, but my test shots with the velociraptor just didn’t turn out right. Unfortunately, this near-deadly encounter ruined a perfectly good pair of jeans. Don’t try this at home.

Jump [6 of 30]

On Bamboo [6 of 30]

On Bamboo was my attempt at making On Dots as I originally envisioned it. Due to focus issues, this is one of my weakest photographs of the series.

Jump [7 of 30]

Three Trees [7 of 30]

After I got started on this project, I thought about doing every photograph of the series with a 4×5 crop. I changed my mind while editing Three Trees. I should have done a few more attempts for this one to get it exactly the way I wanted it but my audience was too big.

Jump [8 of 30]

Pedestrians [8 of 30]

I had a definite vision in mind of how I wanted Pedestrians to turn out and kept trying until I perfected it. I tried more than twenty times to get this photograph. After posting this photograph, I was worried that I peaked with number 8 and I wouldn’t be able to top it. For a while, I was right.

Jump [9 of 30]

Bringing in the Laundry [9 of 30]

Number nine was a hastily planned and quickly executed shot. Not terribly exciting or inspiring. Like the sandals?

Jump [10 of 30]

On Bricks [10 of 30]

On Bricks is my favorite legs-only shot of the series.

Jump [11 of 30]

On Stairs [11 of 30]

I really didn’t want to make On Stairs black and white but the color of my shirt matched too closely with the sky. A quickly executed shot on my way to a demonstration on using interactive whiteboards.

Jump [12 of 30]

Enjoying the View [12 of 30]

Enjoying the View debuted a pose that finds its way into several future shots. Nice view from a department store in Taichung City.

Jump [13 of 30]

How Sweep It Is [13 of 30]

How Sweep It Is was the second time I used a prop during a jump and regrettably the last time. The broom was picked up from its leaning spot next to a nearby tree.

Jump [14 of 30]

Ogive [14 of 30]

I learned later that these shapes coming out of the ground in number 14 are lit up during night and change colors. If I ever get around to replacing my broken eBay wireless flash trigger I may have to venture to this area again one evening.

Jump [15 of 30]

Under Construction [15 of 30]

Under Construction was the only photograph taken at night because I forgot my SD Card at home and couldn’t do my originally planned jump during the day.

Jump [16 of 30]

The Floater [16 of 30]

Floater could have probably been made better by holding my arms out like a zombie. Like I said before, Pedestrians was proving really hard to top.

Jump [17 of 30]

Kiwi 542 [17 of 30]

I felt my project getting some life back in it with Kiwi 542. A fun photograph that came out just as I had envisioned it.

Jump [18 of 30]

Out of the Tunnel [18 of 30]

Out of the Tunnel stands out in my mind because I look the most relaxed in this picture. For once I wasn’t squinting because of the noonday sun. Some viewers have said it looks like I’m being blown out of the tunnel while others have said this photograph looks morbid.

Jump [19 of 30]

On Gray [19 of 30]

On Gray would have probably been a lot more appealing if I were wearing a suit. Then again, the same could be said for a lot of the dull photographs of this series.

Jump [20 of 30]

Afternoon Stroll [20 of 30]

Afternoon Stroll is probably the best of the three black and white photographs of this series.

Jump [21 of 30]

Don’t Look Down [21 of 30]

I think I was worried about falling face first on the pavement in Don’t Look Down.

Jump [22 of 30]

Over the Bridge Downtown [22 of 30]

Want to know how far I can power walk in twenty seconds? Look at Over the Bridge Downtown.

Jump [23 of 30]

Make Like A Tree [23 of 30]

After Make Like A Tree I thought my project was getting stale again.

Jump [24 of 30]

Reflect [24 of 30]

Reflect is what happens when you find the least attractive looking puddle in a parking lot and take a picture of a reflection of your jump. Who would’ve thought? This came out much better than I had anticipated.

Jump [25 of 30]

Peace [25 of 30]

Peace was created using my camera’s image overlay function – a double exposure of funk.

Jump [26 of 30]

Chasing Dragons [26 of 30]

Chasing Dragons was taken at Taiwan’s most unique temple. I like the dream-like colors of this one.

Jump [27 of 30]

Convex [27 of 30]

Convex was shot at a slightly beat-up traffic mirror near my house.

Jump [28 of 30]

Mossy [28 of 30]

I think Mossy is the strongest of my stairs shots. I like the brilliant green lines leading towards me and the plant matter in various states of decay on the steps.

Jump [29 of 30]

Where Refrigerators Go To Die [29 of 30]

Where Refrigerators 
is to remind viewers that I live in rural Taiwan. This fine row of broken appliances is on one of my favorite cycling routes.

Jump [30 of 30]

The End [30 of 30]

I utilized a never before seen pose for The End. Do you have a favorite?

753 thoughts on “The Jump Project [One through Thirty]

  1. I really like that idea of making picture while jumping. Great idea and even greater picture you made out of it. Every picture looks unique and not like the other one. Thanks for this nice sharing. You should continue your projects for sure, hopefully i will see more in a few.

  2. This is SO GOOD.
    Well deserved Freshly Pressed.
    It’s cool how you don’t look like you are in mid air in most of these. You look relaxed and normal.
    It’s be hard for a girl to do this without having odd boob angles!
    Did you have any injuries…?

    Great stuff.

  3. I love all these! Each and every one of them, what a fun series. I’m extra envious of them because I’m under strict orders not to jump (stress fracture and knee injuries) but you make it look so inspiring and exciting. Oh and congrats on Freshly Pressing our beloved Taiwan!
    xx from rainy Taipei… Rosie

      • I varied throughout the time I was there, 8am, 10am, 12am… I guess a lot of people have been through Shida though! I was studying at Zhengda (NCCU) recently actually and was amaazed at how much smaller their language centre is.

      • Zhengda has far less of a westerner social scene, so you don’t get to make friends as easily but you do speak a lot more Chinese. It’s smaller than Shida, and the classes are more intensive (3 hours a day for the standard classes). I loved my first term there and was pretty happy with my second term, but I felt that at the upper level there weren’t sufficient options in terms of classes — because it’s such a small school, they have to lump the top 30 students into 2-3 classes, even though the classes may not suit in terms of subject or level (ie, everyone has to do newspaper readings for example). I would still recommend it strongly to anyone looking to study at intermediate level though! Beginners who just got to Taiwan would probably find it easier to make friends in Shida, and Advanced students will probably thrive better in places like Taida or Shida, but for those long years at Intermediate level, Zhengda seems best to me.

  4. Th jumping up the stairs ones were definitely my favorites. I wanna try doing that some time. Did you ever hurt yourself?

  5. I love #13, How Sweep It Is! It looks like you fall off from your flying broom stick!

    This is a great post. I bet you had fun thinking of 30 ideas for this jump project!

  6. My friends and I also do jump shots but it takes us several tries every single time before we get to capture the jump perfectly. Haha. Nice photos by the way 🙂

  7. Enjoyed your pics. I was recently shown a website of a girl who does levitation pictures on a near daily basis – can’t remember the site now but I found it quirky and effective – this hits the same spot.

  8. When I first started reading your blog I was not sure what to think but as I scrolled down the page all I can say is WOW! You have turned something “simplistic” and turned it into the “fantastic”. These photos and concepts would easily sell on the art market. Wonderful blog. Thank you for sharing with me (and everyone else too)

  9. As a dedicated jumper (as well as getting on other peoples’ nerves suggesting “how about a jump picture over there?”) I loved this post. Can’t really decide for a favourite. The ones I liked best were the palm trees, the pedestrians and the black-and-white stairs. Ogive was neat, too. Sorry, too many to decide.
    In case you wanna see my last jumping picture, it’s here:
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Had to go back and look at your pictures several times to get the full impact. A quick run through doesn’t do them justice. Great job.
    Ruth from At Home on the Road

  11. I have enjoyed your jumping pictures coming up in my reader over the last month! Putting them all together like this really shows how you have improved your technique, and there are some beautiful images amongst them. Well done! I will have to try out some jumping photos myself :]

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  13. These are incredible! My two faves are “Pedestrian” and “Out of the Tunnel”. It really *does* look like you’ve been blown out of the tunnel in that one. Great job!

  14. Man, those are so cool and fun! My 9-year-old is into photography and he will love these. I love the idea of doing something every day and photographing it. Very inspiring. I don’t think I can pick just one as a favorite. Awesome post. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  15. Very grateful you credited Natsumi Hayashi’s incredible levitation blog – Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary. Her work was the first I’d ever seen like this, and clearly a positive inspiration for you.

    I appreciated your candid approach, mentioning those times when you had doubts about the project, or when you made 20 attempts before capturing the shot you wanted. That added a breath of fresh air for me; a more human approach than simply presenting a polished product and playing it off, as most marketing would have us believe is the best way to present our art.

    Number 8, Pedestrians, is my favorite, because in my eyes it comes closest to looking natural… unclenched hands would have made it seem even more natural. The lack of eye contact with the camera also gives a more natural feel, which is something I really appreciate about Natsumi Hayashi’s work… she makes it look like someone captured her floating through life.

    Would you mind sharing what kind of camera you used and the settings you used?

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful work. I hope you’ll share more in the near future!


    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for all the positive feedback. I used my Nikon D90 with a midrange zoom [Tamron 17-50 f/2.8] for all the shots. I used shutter priority mode most of the time at 1/500 second and toyed with the ISO according to the available lighting.

  16. Wonderful site you have here but I was curious if you knew of any user discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed here? I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get opinions from other experienced individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  17. These are some great shots! I particularly like numbers 7, 8 and 12. These have inspired me to possibly do a 30 day photography project of my own to help research for my new film, so thanks!

  18. Out of The Tunnel is most definitely my favorite! What a great idea for a 30 day project. I’ll have to check that Flickr group out. I always get nervous at the idea of a project so I decided on baby stepping it with a “photoaday” on Instagram. It can be hard to stay creative!

  19. Great project and great set of photos to go with it!! 🙂

    Some of these are very well taken but some of them are just down right funny! 😀 Great work!

  20. This is inspired! It appeals to me on so many levels. No 12 is my favourite because of the way the window frames you, because of the movement etc, etc. But they are all wonderful. I hope you come up with a new collection soon

  21. Number 26 is a “Where’s Waldo” of sorts. I honestly can’t pick a favorite, they are all pretty amazing. And my God man, you got jump skills! Unique idea and very well executed.

  22. This is such an entertaining post. I loved the last one best, or maybe 8, or 2, or 7, or 12, or 18, or 29. Those are my favorites. I won’t pick just one, but I had fun trying to!

  23. AWESOME job. My favorite is #18. It’s like a work of art with a sculpture. I love the way you’ve used lighting and timing perfectly. This has inspired me to try something different.

  24. “Launch Time” is *wonderful*. It looks like magic.

    I think “Enjoying the View,” “Out of the Tunnel,” and “Pedestrians” are my other favorites, but “Launch Time” is my absolute #1.

  25. When I went to the home page and looked through the Freshly Pressed, and immediately recognized your blog. I was like I know that blogger! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  26. I actually really like “taking out the laundry” – you’re just doing a perfectly mundane chore (with house shoes on!), and your expression is one of perfunctory resignation, yet you’re floating above the balcony!

    • Thanks Deb,
      I remember seeing Cartier-Bresson’s photograph of the man jumping over the puddle before but have never seen Halsman’s Jump Book. Thank you for sharing it with me. I can’t believe I missed this before. So many A List celebrities of the time in that collection.

  27. Todd:

    BRILLIANT PHOTOS! My favourite is Pedestrian with Out of the Tunnel a close second. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed, you sure deserved it!

    P.S. Your daughter, Josephine, is soooo precious! You’re one lucky person!

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  30. I did click it because of the bubble tea part but I am glad that bubble tea was there to hook me in otherwise I would have missed such an amazing post. You really had me at the triceratops and could not contain my laughter! I never thought jumping would be this so much fun!

  31. I thought this was a weird idea until I scrolled through all the photos. There are too many to name that I like, but honorable mentions go out to 7-8, 22-26.
    Congrats on getting Freshly Pressed. Nice to see a Taiwanese blog get some attention.

  32. You have some awesome shots. I was inspired by Natsumi Hayashi’s levitation and took a few shots of my daughter and niece jumping in the last months or so. I didn’t know about the jumping project, I might take up on this too. 🙂

  33. Okay, first off, HOW high can you jump, dude! Yes, you’re tall and everything but STILL! :O
    My fav shots: Launch Time, Versus a Triceratops, On Bamboo, Three Trees, Pedestrians (obviously), On Stairs, Ogive (because of the location), The Floater (because you look like a ghost), and The End.

  34. I think Going Up, Enjoying the View and Pedestrians are my 3 favs. Really great project and congrats on getting FPd. You certainly worked hard and deserved it. BTW, you’re a great jumper.

  35. I gotta say very cool project. Good shots. My favorite jumps were number 4, 8, 12, and 30. I’m pretty sure that a project like this down the road can be transformed into something even deeper. Like scientific motions. The cameras can be well tested out on this and put different lenses to every jump. I think its a cool project.

  36. Wow these are great! I esp love the pedestrian one. Think I want to try this too! Thanks also for the link to Natsumi Hayashi’s incredible levitation blog. I had never seen anything like it before, and love her work too now!
    Congrats on being pressed!

  37. Wow! SO amazing! You know, I feel freedom in some pictures especially the last one! It feels so refreshing even though it’s a super hot summer here in my country…

    Your pictures are like edited, like you’re floating! Omigosh! :O…

    In some photos, you look like you are part of the objects there! Bravo! So amazing!

  38. Pedestrians, How Sweep It Is, Afternoon Stroll… In that order, though they all look really good. I’m amazed at how high you can jump! And the way you look so relaxed doing it! This was really fun to go through! 🙂

  39. These are so great and full of humour. I just don’t have the patience to create stuff like this, but kudos to you for doing it – the results really pay off.

  40. These are very cool. I loved them :)) though the first thing on my mind was whether they were photoshopped or not. If it is, well great job, you made me believed it was real. If it is real, wow, even more amazing. You have great sense of control. Nonetheless, awesome job. 😀 Keep it up.

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  42. I just spent ages scrolling down the page, just because i needed to comment on this post. Slam-dunk-of a dope idea! I looooooove it! The shots are so cool i want to go out and do the same! I literally couldn’t get enough of them, and you really have an eye for creativity. The puddle one though. That was inspirational…. you ahve set me up for the day and i now knwo its going to be a good one. You’ve got me wanted to go out and have adventures, to write and create and be cool! Thankyou.

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  44. Wow! Congratulations to you and to WordPress… this has got to be my favourite Freshly Pressed photographic post to date! Each and every image is a masterful creation where the jump melds with the static scene to become a part of it and as a collection of so many winning images it is a tribute to your creativity!

  45. Awesome..Amazing work…Interesting…Inspiring….I dont know how many times I might have scrolled up and down looking at each shot again and again… Great work….. 🙂

    And…congrats on being very much deserved freshly pressed….

  46. Great pictures, I love how you’ve turned something so seemingly simple as jumping into something so beautiful. And I’m totally impressed how you manage not to look like an idiot while jumping (unlike a lot of us)! It’s almost like you’re just floating around. Very well done 🙂

  47. I love this series. My favs are 4 Launch Time, 8 Pedestrians, 11 On Stairs (great alignment on those three), 18 Out of the Tunnel (looks like you were blown out), and 24 Reflect (looks like a night shot with stars). Great job! Makes me want to experiment more with my camera.

  48. I am so happy to see that you got FP. I have been following your blog for awhile because I love Taiwan and your jumps provide a bit of smile each time I see them. What first caught my eye was the title of your blog, because Taiwan has the best bubble tea and I miss having it. I also like how you promote Taiwan, because I think it can be an unseen jewel and should really be visited. Keep up the jumps!

    • Thanks Frances Antoinette!

      I think I got sick of bubble tea after my first week here. I usually brew Oolong Tea nowadays. It will be a while before I do anymore jumping related posts. So hopefully these new followers can also enjoy my non-jumping related content.

  49. WOW! that’s insane. my friends and i try to do cool mid-air poses, but we end up looking metally challenged b/c we can never can keep a straight face. i should post some. yeah i probably will. anyways, good photos.

    • Thanks Ally. Maybe it’s best to choose a facial expression and try to hold during the duration of a jump.

      In an unrelated note – please don’t use the term mentally challenged in a negative way in the future. It’s very insensitive.

  50. I remember me and my friends doing Jump shots a year ago. Ah, The good old times !
    Otherwise these are some great shots, and To answer you’r question about a “favorite” position, I remember from me and my friends photo shots that the best one was a shot we called “Jesus Rises” : In it one of us was jumping into the air head toward the sky and hands turned in opposite directions while being nearly clamped to the body, and the two others ( we did it cooperatively, they jumped, I shot ) were facing towards her while being one on both sides and raising their hands toward the air.

    I’m sorry I can’t give you the picture but I believe my friends told me they had accidentally deleted it while changing the SD card.

    My Greetings, Peter.

  51. My favorite wedding photo is of the whole wedding party jumping! The faces people make and how their bodies move is so fun and neat to capture! Did you ever notice that when people jump their mouths automatically open? weird.

  52. My favourites are Pedestrian and Out of the Tunnel. I also quite like Bringing in the Laundry cos it brings fun and quirkiness to a boring, everyday task. I guess that’s the beauty of differing opinions/perspectives and why even if you don’t particularly like one, you never know – it could be a hit 🙂

  53. This was an awesome project. I really enjoyed it. As an athlete, I like to see projects like this. Who would have thought that I could be inspired by a guy who posted 30 shots of himself jumping?! Once again, awesome project.

  54. I love Chasing Dragons. It took me a minute to find you…almost like a Where’s Waldo effect. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed…and on creating a really engaging photography project.

  55. awesome, awesome, awesome 🙂 but am sure you’ve heard that countless times before on this entry. such creativity and dedication to keep shooting. you should showcase this in a gallery too!

  56. I have always Wanted to be a awesome phtographer. buti dont have the ideas for it or the know how. This is super net.

    I will stick to words as art for me!

    Favorited and I will check in often! congrats on making freshly pressed!

  57. Awesome! I love jumping (there was lot of in my last post but it was all on the bed). I really want to get a professional trampoline but I’m still a student so that’ll have to wait for a bit. I like mossy the best. Bounce safely!

  58. Vow, some effort you must have put in to get these pics, lots of takes and retakes. Love your energy and single-mindedness. Several pics are so amazing, looks as if you are really standing mid-air. Keep it going. cheers, Bhaven

  59. How many shots did it take for you to “get” each shot perfectly like you did?!?! Great job, and would love to see more … I like the juxtaposition that you’re NOT Chinese and doing all these shots with the Chinese characters around. Would love to see an international version of this, Todd. BTW – Why ARE you in Taiwan?

  60. I think in a lot of the comments, you are way too harsh on yourself. I have loved all of these! My favourite is Reflection. This is such a cool concept! 🙂

  61. My two favorites are Chasing Dragons and the 25th picture.
    It was very difficult to spot you as you integrated with the background very well 😛 It’s a bit like Finding Wally 😀

    Great work!!!

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  63. My first thought was oh boy here we go again (based on other photographers photo challenges). This is great though. Very creative interesting and artistic shots.

  64. Okay. This is spectacular, but I guess you already know that. You must have an amazing photographer. How on earth did you convince someone to do this with you? I have all kinds of ideas to do wild and crazy things but I’ve yet to find one crazy enough to join me. I just get weird looks.

    • Thank you QB! I’ll be taking it easy project-wise. I’m mostly just looking forward taking pictures of lotus flowers next month and spotting some butterflies on my favorite recreational hiking trails.

  65. Really enjoyed your photos ! you are like Harry Potter in no.13! My favorite is no. 8! How do you manage to jump and yet look like you are floating or flying ?

  66. Must admit my first reaction to a series of jump photos was “Why would anyone bother?” but now I’ve seen the pics I think it’s a great project. Creative, thought provoking and original. My favourites are Three Trees and Pedestrians. Congrats on being deservedly Freshly Pressed.

  67. Great photography set. The photos walking/floating up the stairs are very successful. The tunnel photo is truly amazing. Facial expressions greatly influence individual reactions to each photograph. This was clearly a lot of hard work and then some!

  68. I think “On Bricks” would make a really good sports-footwear ads! 😀 that’s my favourite too!

    and I also like chasing dragons, there, somehow the colour of your shirt seems to blend with the temple itself.

    all the photos are AWESOME!

  69. I like a lot of these pictures! It reminds me of when I was in undergrad studying abroad–I’m not sure when jumping pictures became “the thing” to do but all of a sudden it seemed like everyone I knew studying abroad had jumping pictures in front of all these famous monuments in foreign countries. Your take was definitely more creative!

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  71. I LOVE this! Very well done, and you should consider making a short book of your Jump Project. I just have one question. I know you explained in your post how you took each shot, however my boyfriend thinks you used Photoshop, and that you aren’t really jumping. I think he’s just jealous that he didn’t think of this idea, and I would like you to please set him straight that you actually jumped in each of these shots. So, did you?!

    • Thank you PT&BF.

      No, all the photographs were edited in Lightroom. If I wanted to photoshop myself jumping I would have shopped myself jumping on the moon. All these jumps are easily within human limits.

  72. You should try #13 again, only with the broom between your legs. It would give the appearance that you were flying, and if you caught it on the upswing, that you were flying pretty fast.

  73. I have to say, I really enjoyed this post. I feel as though the jumps were very well done and this seems like something that I would do myself. Perhaps I will and you will be able to see me do it!

  74. A brilliant project! I loved the Enjoying the View in front of the window best! I love that you look like you’re having a great time doing it. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next!

  75. Launch Time, Don’t Look Down, and Out of the Tunnel all shine for me. I’m a sucker for graffiti, so Kiwi 542, and especially Peace, stuck out too. In composure, execution, and originality, the series becomes organically better overtime, though it did have a strong start. Well done.

  76. Best shot 10 of 10 – Bringing in the Laundry.
    Seriously.. I want to float in my everyday work. This picture just make like flying is just normal routine. Haha :))

    Worst 1 of 10 – Under Construction
    Seriously… I don’t get it at all!!!!!

  77. WOW! This entry’s so cool. Every photo’s amazing. I especially like the 5th photo. It was so funny, :D. The 8th photo look like you were really walking in a pedestrian lane, lol. In the 26th photo, it took me some time before I saw you in the picture!!! 😀 Nice shots. I enjoyed every single one of them. 🙂

  78. Great post! Love number 5! Im sitting at my desk at work, supposed to be working and number 5 really made me laugh out loud!
    What an original idea!

  79. Wow! I particularly like the ones where it looks like you are just casually floating in the air while doing normal stuff, like walking and sweeping…!

  80. What a cool project! I did a 25 @ 25 project where I took 25 self-portraits before I turned 26. But I love your focused idea of taking 30 jumps. I especially like “Enjoying the View” and “Reflect.” “Bringing in the View” is such a unique concept…love them all, really!

  81. How incredibly cool! Kudos to you for going ahead and doing something like this… but, I have to ask – did you hurt yourself on any of those landings? The body position looks great in the air, but I can only imagine that coming down was less than graceful, at times!

  82. All I can say =”WoW!”
    … choosing a favorite is tough. The amount of fun you had with this definitely showed through all of your creativity. Wonderful work! 🙂

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  84. This is such a cool idea! I love the pictures! I love the background in where refrigerators go to die! But Out of the Tunnel is definitely my favorite! All the pictures are great!!

  85. Reblogged this on the sabbatical blog and commented:
    Not only does this project evoke great jubilation, it makes me wonder: What might I do for thirty days and keep it fresh, keep it from getting stale, stay excited by it? From the mundane — i.e. brushing my teeth to a new tune each time (it’s been the theme from Gilligan’s Island for nearly two decades) — to the out-of-the-ordinary — i.e. … hmm… ok, maybe just a riff on the ordinary. Something like… read an article from a different news source for 30 days; find 30 different routes home from the grocery store; locate 30 different shops for groceries; find 30 different places to read outdoors (think there might be another bench photo essay lurking behind that one…)

    In any case, I’ll keep pondering. Meanwhile, enjoy this reblog of The Jump Project!

  86. This is pretty gnarly. I like the Triceratops photo the most, but the colors on some of the other ones are very cool too! I’d probably have to do a sitting challenge cause my knees are bad and I’m very clumsy.

  87. Fabulous idea! Pedestrian is a fave, although I would say most–nah, I like them all. I’m passing this onto our digital photography teacher and will somehow use it in my creative writing class.
    Happy Pages,

    • Thank you Cricketmuse. I hope your photography teacher enjoys them. It would be interesting to see how you put a creative writing piece together around one (or more) of the photographs.

      • I will probably assign each of my students a jump shot and use it as our daily 5 minute write prompt. They would have to spontaneously have to write something about what they see. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  88. Now this is definitely what I would call a very unique post and mini-project. The destinations were quite cool and exciting, I must admit. I can’t wait to see where you will jump next. And, if you’ve transitioned to a new project, don’t forget to keep us posted as I’d like to continue to follow your exciting destinations and adventures.

    Keep jumping!


  89. this is some really impressive stuff, very different and I appreciate the work that obviously has gone into this