Pingtung’s Long Chuan Brewery

Tsingtao Bottling Plant

Here are a handful of pictures from Pingtung’s Long Chuan Brewery [龍泉觀光啤酒廠]. I visited the brewery during a company trip last year. The tour began with visitors being corralled into a small theater to watch a video introduction of the brewery. After the video, guests were pointed down a few long hallways and rooms. Some visitors have the opportunity to view the bottling machines in operation at the plant. All the machines were off when we went as the local demand for Long Chuan and Tsingtao Beer doesn’t necessitate having the plant run on Saturdays. Instead, we got to see a small LCD screen featuring a looping video of what happens on the floor of the bottling plant. The end of the tour brought us to an area selling refreshments, souvenirs and giving away plastic cups of beer.

Tsingtao Bottling Plant

Tsingtao Bottling Plant

Tsingtao Bottling Plant

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