The Noodle Dream

A couple weeks ago, I ventured around a previously unexplored area of Caotun Township. Not far from Longde Temple [龍德廟], I stumbled across these noodles hanging outside to dry. Eager to finish up a roll of Superia 200 I shot away.


Just down the alley from these shots is what looks like a once-magnificent historic house that has unfortunately fallen into disuse. There’s a construction barrier around the estate but it doesn’t look like any work has been done on it in ages. The barrier was too high for me to reach over to take any worthwhile shots so I turned around and focused my attention on the noodles again.



6 thoughts on “The Noodle Dream

  1. Wonderful, kind of quaint ..and trusting since the noodles are just hanging out there…instant food after cooking it.

    Maybe one of these days, you’ll find drying meat on a rack. There are Chinese recipes for drying sliced meat, previously marinated in some soy sauce, chopped onions, etc.

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