A Quick Stop at the Donggang Fish Market

Donggang Fish Market
Keeping an Eye on You

It’s often mandatory during company trips to stop at various locations either to or from the destination to shop for local specialties.  After an employee outing to Kenting we were dropped off in Donggang [東港] in Pingtung County to go seafood shopping.  I’m not much of a seafood fan so I didn’t walk away with any fresh seafood.  I did however leave with a few decent photographs.

Donggang Fish Market
Prime Cuts

Donggang is really jumping from April to June due to the availability of Bluefin Tuna.  Also popular are Sakura Shrimp as they’re only caught here and in Japan’s Suruga Bay.  Many visitors simply pass through on their way to the ferries that leave from Donggang Port to Xiao Liuqiu – one of Taiwan’s beautiful offshore islands.

Donggang Fish Market

It would have been a much more interesting stop had we gone during the Burning of the King Boat Festival which is held every three years.  Oh well, maybe next time…

Donggang Fish Market

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