Sitou’s Monster Village

Beware of Monsters

Sitou’s Monster Village [妖怪村] is a small Japanese-inspired tourist curiosity located next to the Mingshan Hotel.  We visited the Monster Village along with the nearby Sitou Forest Recreation Area [溪頭森林遊樂區].  The village is filled with charming wooden buildings and lanterns and is populated by a handful of cartoonish monsters who disappointingly don’t seem too interested in devouring tourists.


As with any of the area’s attractions – be sure you leave plenty early to avoid the crowds if visiting on a weekend.  As morning progresses, the road up to Sitou’s parking lot gets backed up with cars waiting for others to leave so they can enter and park.  Thinking about visiting during a public holiday?  Might want to consider a different destination.

Local Delicacy
Monster Stack

Like any other tourist destination in Taiwan; there are plenty of souvenirs and specialties available to spend money on:

Local Delicacy
Monster Row

But that really shouldn’t distract you too long from the area’s beauty:

Lanterns and Trees


And oddities:

Shrine and steps
Bridge and Shrine

Monster Mailboxes await your postcards

Careful it doesn’t bite your hand off!

Funky Monster
What are you looking at 5 eyes?


I didn’t even notice I caught the bird in mid-flight until I was reviewing the day’s photos several hours later:

A man and his bird

Trying desperately to finish off an old roll of film, I also brought along my Nikon FM2:

Lanterns courtesy of Fujicolor Superia 200

Unless you walk around taking tons of pictures, the entire Monster Village doesn’t require more than an hour to enjoy everything.  While you are there be sure to visit other lovely areas such as the Wangyou ForestNeihu Elementary School, or the Sitou or Sanlinxi Forest Recreation Areas.

Fortune Dog?
Who collects the coins at the end of the day?

Getting there:  Got your own transportation?  Take Freeway 3 and exit at the Zhushan Interchange.  Take Provincial HWY 3 towards Zhushan and turn left at County HWY 151.  Otherwise you can catch a shuttle bus from Taichung’s HSR Station or catch one of the buses leaving for Sanlinxi outside Taichung Railway Station [Taichung Bus and Yuanlin Bus companies].

What a long nose

No explanation

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