Taipei International Flora Expo

Taipei Flora Expo

The Aeroplane Flies High

Way back in April, Cathy and I each took a day off work to head to Taipei to visit the Taipei International Flora Expo during its final week.  We didn’t have much time to spend there, so we skipped the pavilions and walked three of the four expo areas – Yuanshan Park, Fine Arts Park, and Xinsheng Park.  We thought that by going on a weekday we would miss most of the crowds and were quite stunned by the number of people as we arrived from Yuanshan MRT Station.  Luckily, a lot of the crowd thinned out the further we walked from the main entrance.  Here is a small collection of photographs from our visit:

Taipei Flora Expo
The Taipei Fine Arts Museum

Taipei Flora Expo

Floral Tunnel Entrance

Taipei Flora Expo


Taipei Flora Expo

Strike A Pose

Taipei Flora Expo

Yuanshan’s Grand Hotel

Taipei Flora Expo


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