I’ve got Yellow Fever

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex
The G2C R7.1 with SRAM Apex

A couple weekends ago, I met up with Taichung City slickers Michael T. and Drew K. to go shopping for a new bike.  After checking out T-Mosaic and a Specialized shop we were off to 185 Warehouse in Dakeng.  There I test rode one of their house brand [Generation 2 Cycles (G2C)] bicycles – an aluminum alloy frame with carbon chainstays, fork, and seatpost outfitted with SRAM Apex.  I talked to the product manager James Murray, who is one of only six people I’ve ever met in Taiwan that’s taller than me and he told me they had a large frame available, in the color of my choice, and could outfit it with SRAM Apex for under $45,000 NT.

I went to back to 185 Warehouse three days ago with Michael to pick up the new bike.  James made some fit adjustments for me and made sure everything was working properly before I left for the 40km ride back to Nantou.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex

Apex’s 50/34 Crankset and Front Derailleur

The clipless pedals – a set of Crank Brothers were inherited from Drew.  I had no trouble getting in and out of them initially until faced with a traffic light with (gasp!) stopped cars and scooters.  I got my right foot off the pedal no problem but shifted far too much weight to get the left one off.  I made eye contact with a woman with her arms around the waist of her boyfriend on the scooter next to me.  She was definitely contemplating putting her hands up to prevent me from falling onto the two of them.  Luckily, the left foot came out just in time to catch my fall.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex

The Apex shifter with DoubleTap technology

I found the improved power transfer geometry of the road bike to be much easier to maintain a speed of 25km/hr than my previous MTB, which would get about 15km/hr at the leisurely rate I was peddling through Taichung City and the municipality formerly known as Dali City.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex
The Rear Cassette is the first 11-32 on the road

Yesterday, I took the bike out for a test ride up my favorite workout route up to the Pingding Sacred Tree.  The route was slightly different than usual, here’s a map of the route on Bikemap.  It’s not a long route by any stretch of the imagination, but has some nice scenery, a steep climb, and is void of traffic.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex
The Pingding Sacred Tree [坪頂神木]

Climbing to the Sacred Tree was a little harder than usual.  I did more pedal pushing with the road bike than I am accustomed to with the MTB.  I also needed to hop off the bike a couple times to shake out my legs.  My body isn’t used to climbing on a road bike and quite frankly – I’m really out of shape.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex
Off to Nantou City? Or South Jhongliao?

I used to take descents with reckless abandon on the MTB up until Cathy became pregnant with our daughter.  Since then, I’ve been riding downhill much more conservatively than before.  Monday was no exception on the new bike.  I didn’t know how it would handle the curvy descent into North Jhongliao so I mostly kept my hands on the brakes the whole time.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex
On the 投17-1

Somewhere on the 投17-1 [actually, exactly where I took the picture above], I set one of my CamelBak insulated water bottles down after drinking from it and rode off without it.  I drove back after the ride to go look for it but it was long gone.

G2C R7.1 SRAM Apex
The Living Lab

I have one major regret about buying the road bike – and that’s that I don’t have any free time on weekdays to ride!

8 thoughts on “I’ve got Yellow Fever

  1. YES! YES! YES!
    What a great looking bike you got.
    I ride early Wednesday morning at 6am or 5:30 as the summer creeps in.
    I live in Wufeng during the week – perhaps could meet up?
    Early morning riding is a lot of fun.

    • Thanks Nathan!

      Unfortunately I’m swamped on Wednesdays. Luckily, summer is very slow at my school. Maybe I can request a morning off and head out to your neck of the woods for a ride.

  2. Don’t worry about the tough climbing. That’s why it is called “exercise”. You’ll get better, stronger and more fit.

    Keep riding.

  3. Nice! Glad to see you’re out putting some miles down. Great photos too, I rarely get to see our bikes out in the wild! Drop in any time for the post run in tune up.

  4. Bought the same bike from the same place (with the same bar tape) in January – except mine has Shimano 105. I am really pleased with it and the climbing does get easier(and I dont have an 11-32 casette). The first time I attempted hills that I would crawl up on my mountain bike I really wondered if I would make it to the top but 750 KM later I have ridden every hill but one that I previously conquered and am feeling a lot stronger. The only thing I have changed on the bike is the saddle – I got a Brookes B17 in black from James and not only does it look great it is really a lot more comfortable than the saddle that came with the bike. I am now saving my cash for a wheel and tyre upgrade sometime in the summer – however I frightened myself coming down the side of a mountain this week and I think that a brake pad upgrade might be a priority or at least I need to get James to fiddle with the brakes. Just wish I could get out for more longer rides – mostly its 40 mins to an hour in the hills of Taiping.

    • Nice to meet another proud R7.1 owner. I have a couple different routes with 400m climbs a stone’s throw from where I live. I’m finding climbing to be easier and easier with every ascent. So far, I have no complaints about the saddle, but I haven’t had time for any long rides to really test it.

      A couple of my cycling friends have suggested upgrading the wheels first. I’m going to try to ride at least a couple seasons before I give in to any upgrade temptations.

      If you ever have time, you should drop by Nantou for a ride.

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