Jiji Train Station

Jiji Township
I had the opportunity to spend a morning in Jiji [集集] during in an unprecedented Friday off work.  Jiji is located in Nantou County and was the epicenter of the destructive 7.6 magnitude 921 Earthquake in 1999.  During the weekend the small town swells with tourists, but during the week the town is very quiet and pleasant.
Jiji Township
Jiji Train Station sits on the Jiji Branch Line.  This line runs from Changhua’s Ershui Station to Nantou’s Checheng Station.  Originally, this line was used to transport construction materials for the Mingtan Hydroelectric Power Plant.  Now, it is used almost exclusively by tourists.
Jiji Township
The station received extensive damage during the 921 Earthquake and has since been rebuilt in its original form.  These photographs of the station may be the only ones in existence that don’t include swarms of people posing in front of it.
Jiji Township

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