Taichung Photowalk Roundrobin [August edition]

8/28 Taichung Photowalk
On Saturday, I met up with bloggers Mark Forman and David Reid for a photowalk in downtown Taichung.  Our walk took us through areas near Taichung Train Station.  Walking across from the station we began our tour through a once robust area which has decreased in importance as Taichung’s center of gravity has shifted.  The photo used at the top of this post is of one of the many abandoned buildings which are prevalent on that side of town.  We walked through the Jade Market and Taichung Park before heading to Yizhong Street and completing our loop back to the train station.

Time to Lean

The photo above is my favorite one taken by Mark that day.  Mark has been specializing in street photograph lately and the elderly are often a subject of his work.  His post-processing gives the photo a nice glow

Smoking and sausages
Smoked Sausage

The final photo is my favorite from David.  He shows a common sight in Taiwan:  a street-side sausage vendor smoking.  Smoking while preparing food and other unsanitary acts are unfortunately fairly common in Taiwan.

A set of my photos from the day can be found in the following Flickr Set.

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