Low Tide

Low Tide in Kending
While in Pingdong, we checked out an area of the coast during low tide.  We visited a lovely spot adjacent to Bitou Fishing Port [鼻頭漁港].  The small road leading to the fishing port is directly opposite the entrance for the Uni-Resort [統一墾丁] on HWY 26.

Low Tide in Kending
Algae, algae, algae!

Low Tide in Kending
This small fish was the only one that waited long enough for me to focus

Low Tide in Kending
Different lifeforms were abundant both above and below the water surface

Low Tide in Kending
Whatever this was, it was crawling quickly into a cranny when I arrived

Low Tide in Kending
Families looking for things they’ve seen on Spongebob Squarepants

Low Tide in Kending
Bitou Fishing Port – Taiwan’s southernmost fishing port

4 thoughts on “Low Tide

  1. Did you and Craig go to this spot together? Looks like it might be the same location as one of his recent shots.

    I really like the last shot and the next to last really gives some scale to those rocks with the people on top.

    • Hi Michael, I think I know which post you are talking about by Craig, his were from a beach in northern Taiwan if memory serves me correct. I really like the last two shots, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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