Daily Photo – The Radome [and an announcement]

Soccer Radome
A weather radar in Pingdong County.

I’ve decided to stop compiling Weekly Links.  I hope readers found them helpful during the year or so I posted them.  I’ve recently had a drastic work schedule change and in the upcoming future I’m expecting an even more drastic lifestyle change.

9 thoughts on “Daily Photo – The Radome [and an announcement]

  1. Ah, the weekly links were great, I’ll mourn for them! I don’t know whether it is a personal question, but what’s the drastic change?

  2. Thanks for your great efforts in putting weekly links together. I sure definitely miss them!! I also understand your upcoming big responsibilities. Keep up your great work!

    • There is no scale but it looks large for a weather radar, more certainly an Air Traffic Control radar (which can also be used for weather).

      I discovered quite a few nice things with the weekly links.

      Congratulations on your coming child. I know what you mean about big changes, just my first one a month ago.

      Arnaud (a radar engineer)

  3. Andrew – Thank you!

    Hans – The drastic change is that my wife and I are expecting our first baby in November, so right now is a very exciting time for us.

    Micki – Thanks, I’ll continue posting, just without any regularity.

    Jenna – Thanks you! What is photographed is the Radome – an exterior weatherproof housing for the weather radar.

    David – Thanks!

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