Nanwan Beach

Nanwan [南灣] is located in Pingdong [屏東] – Taiwan’s southernmost county.

Here are a few pictures from our recent trip south.  We were blessed during the trip with fabulous weather.  Although it was summer vacation for students, most of the places we went were largely free of crowds.  Perhaps most people were inside avoiding a suntan or busy going to full-day English summer camps like the unfortunate children who attend the school I work at.

Cathy at Nanwan
My wife, Cathy, looking great at 6 months.

Feet on the Beach
My feet –  Shot on Kodak Tri-X 400.

Overcoming Fears
My nephew gets his first dose of the ocean – Despite being born and raised on an island, this was his first trip to a beach.


Being too hot on the beach for volleyball, these guys decided to take their game to the water.

That’s it for now, I’ll have a few posts in the future about some of the other cool stuff we did.

9 thoughts on “Nanwan Beach

  1. Lovely!

    Is this the beach near Kending Town, or the one a little east of Eluanbi? I can’t tell from the photos. When we went to the one near Kending itself, we were disappointed thanks to the crowds. When we drove out past the southernmost tip we came upon another beach that was gorgeous, not very crowded and crystal clear, and that’s the one I always recommend. Unfortunately, I never did find out what it was called!

  2. yup
    students in taiwan don’t have perfect summer vacation,
    most go to cram school
    that’s boring

    i’m a miserable high school student too
    but i don’t like studying
    so i think imay have the best days through 2010 XD
    and my high spirit is just like your trip to Kenting.
    : )

  3. Jenna – the beach we visited is about 4-5 km west of the main strip. Not entirely sure if it’s the same one. Adjacent the beach is an area with a stage, bar, changing rooms, restrooms, ect. I haven’t been to the area enough times to tell you which one you visited. Could try Google Maps and checking the geotagged images.

    夏夏Hsia – 加油!

  4. no, the beach we liked had no changing rooms, stage or bar so I can’t imagine it was the same one. It was also very far from the main strip = east way out past Eluanbi…no strip in sight.

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