6 thoughts on “Daily Photo – The Chase

  1. The guy’s saying to himself: “Just keep your head down and keep walking, and maybe he’ll get the message”. I’m curious – how long did this chase go on? Blocks?

  2. We ran into a pair of female missionaries when we were in Jhongsing Village a couple of Sundays ago. One of them wanted our Fengyuan address so some missionaries could contact us there. I told her I came from an Anglican/Presbyterian background, and she seemed to get the message and they rode off. In retrospect, I should have said I was Jewish, which is the line I always used with the Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was living in Japan. I think our encounter occurred not far from where you live.

  3. I’ve seen the pair you’re talking about riding up and down the streets several times. My wife and I have never talked to them, we’ve only had the pleasure of speaking with the area’s other pair of missionaries – a couple of young guys from Texas or Utah, one of the two.

  4. I’m from Taiwan and now in Texas. I mean no offense, but I’ve always found this unbelievably intrusive. Can you imagine if I chase a man for 20 minutes trying to spread Atheism or Matsu faith in Texas? I’d probably get shot somewhere…

  5. I agree, anyone chasing someone over ANYTHING in the U.S. could lead to someone getting shot!

    I grew up in suburbia and all the missionaries went door-to-door. A simple “I’m not interested” meant the end of the conversation. The ones I’ve come across here are really pushy.

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