2010 World Tea Expo in Nantou

2010 World Tea Expo
A couple days ago, I had the opportunity to check out the 2010 World Tea Expo [2010南投世界茶葉博覽會] which is being hosted in Jhongsing Village, just a few blocks from where I live.  Nantou is an ideal place to host such an event as its mountainous terrain makes it Taiwan’s largest tea-producing region.  The event lasts through tomorrow [June 27] and is a great chance to learn about tea history, culture, production, and try many locally produced teas.
2010 World Tea Expo
At Jhongsing Hall and the neighboring youth activity center there were several booths with specialists demonstrating different tea ceremonies of around the world.
2010 World Tea Expo
At the Hushan Art Center, there were many displays about tea history and production.  Those small glass containers pictured on the tables allow visitors to compare the appearance of different kinds of tea.  The map of Taiwan marks various tea producing areas.  Those that Nantou produces include: Lushan Oolong, Dongding Tea, Zhushan Oolong, Shanlinsi Oolong, Yushan Oolong, and Sun Moon Lake Black Tea.
2010 World Tea Expo
Also at the Hushan Art Center were numerous works of art by the Nantou County Pottery Art Association:
2010 World Tea Expo
2010 World Tea Expo
In front of Jhongsing Hall were several booths for visitors to sample and purchase tea.  I went on a fairly quiet morning so it was easy to go from table to table and sample teas.
2010 World Tea Expo

If visiting on the final day, you should have no trouble finding it as there are signs pointing the right direction all over Jhongsing Village.  I believe that most [if not all] of the bus companies that run from Taichung through Jhongsing make a stop across the street from the event.

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