Ershui Photowalk

Ershui Walk
A few weeks ago, my wife and I visited Ershui [二水] in Changhua County.  We parked at the lot next to the train station and took a leisurely stroll along the road that runs perpendicular to the train station.  We mostly took pictures of old buildings along the way.

Ershui Walk
Passengers waiting at Ershui Train Station

Ershui Train Station sits on the TRA Western Line and serves as a transfer station for the Jiji Branch Line.

Ershui Walk
Vampires beware!  Garlic hanging outside a home

Ershui Walk
A very decorative fluorescent light fixture

Ershui Walk
An old motorcycle in front of an old home

Finally, a couple pictures of windows that I found interesting:

Ershui Walk

Ershui Walk

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