Taichung Photowalk

As mentioned in the yesterday’s post, over the weekend I met up with Mark Forman, David Ried, and Darren Melrose for a photowalk in Taichung. My previous post featured my favorite photographs from Saturday’s get-together taken by the other photographers.  Mark, David, and Darren have also posted their favorite photographs from everyone.

Here are six of my own shots that I took during the photowalk that I personally like and weren’t featured elsewhere:

Taichung Photowalk

Roof and Trees on Tunghai University’s Campus

Taichung Photowalk

Outside of No. 43 Studio, a small gallery featuring student artwork

Taichung Photowalk

Creating the illusion of being in a giant bamboo forest

FM2 Taichung Photowalk (22 of 34)

Ceramic Os – sounds like the name of a cereal

FM2 Taichung Photowalk (27 of 34)
Break-time on the backhoe

FM2 Taichung Photowalk (16 of 34)
Tunghai University Campus

The first three photos were taken with my digital camera, while the bottom three were taken with my film camera loaded with Fujifilm Superia 200.

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