Taichung Photowalk Round Robin

I met up with Mark Forman, Darren Melrose, and David Reid for a photowalk in Taichung on Saturday.  Mark had the idea that that each person could select a photograph from the other three people to post on their blog.

Here is my favorite photo from Mark.  I like how he processed this photo and the 4×5 crop.  My pictures from the Luce Chapel didn’t turn out nearly as nice.  Mark is leading this year’s Worldwide Photowalk in Taichung on July 24.

This is my favorite photograph from David.  His photo captured the tension between these two house pets very well.  David has become very talented in recent months at concert and protest photography.

Finally, here is my favorite photo from Darren.  Darren specializes in street photography, so this shot was kind of a breath of fresh air.  This may or may not be the same cow that hit Darren’s lens while he was photographing.

Thanks everyone for the great company and especially Mark for organizing the get-together.  Hope to do it again soon!

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