Nantou’s Meifeng Farm

Trip to Meifeng Farm
Meifeng Farm [梅峰農場] is located within NTU’s Highland Experimental Farm on the Central Cross-Island Highway just past Cingjing Farm if approaching from the west.  Cathy and I visited during my hiatus from blogging and I haven’t gotten around to posting pictures from our trip until now.  We visited during the last day they were open to the public during their Peach Blossom Festival [桃花 (Prunus persica)].

Meifeng Trip
Although most of the Peach Blossoms we saw were pink, a few trees were a vivid shade of red:
Trip to Meifeng Farm
Trip to Meifeng Farm

Peach Blossoms weren’t the only flowers around, there were several greenhouses devoted to other varieties.  Here is the Taiwan Pleione [台灣一葉蘭 (Pleione formosana)].  Sometimes called the Taiwan Tulip, it is found at elevations ranging from 1,000-2,500 meters above sea level:

Trip to Meifeng Farm
The Taiwan Pleione [台灣一葉蘭 (Pleione formosana)]

Trip to Meifeng Farm
Torch Lily [Kniphofia uvaria]

Trip to Meifeng Farm
Geraniums [Pelargonium asperum]

Trip to Meifeng Farm
Calla Lily [Zantedeschia aethiopica]

Trip to Meifeng Farm
Didier’s Tulips [Tulipa gesneriana]

Trip to Meifeng Farm
Persian Buttercups [Ranunculus asiaticus]

Trip to Meifeng Farm
French Lavender [Lavandula stoechas]

Trip to Meifeng Farm

Fuchsias [Fuchsia hybrida]

The Meifeng Farm Official Website has a lot of information about getting there but information on events doesn’t seem to be too clearly laid out on the English version.

More pictures from the trip can be found on my Meifeng Farm Flickr set.

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