Recent Temple Parades

Temple Parade
Temple parades in Taiwan are always exuberant events characterized by a lot of noise and colors.  I stumbled upon two separate parades that were held two days apart in Caotun.  Unfortunately, due to time constraints I was unable to follow each parade for too long, but did come back with a handful of nice shots.

Temple Parade
No parade would be complete without firecrackers

Temple Parade
Firecracker leftovers

Temple Parade
Smiles for Matsu

Temple Parade

All of these shots were taken on Fujifilm Superia 200.

7 thoughts on “Recent Temple Parades

  1. I would love to try some out. Last time I got a couple rolls developed I asked if they had Tri-X or any other B&W film. Unfortunately, they had none so I bought another two rolls of Superia. When I wrap up these rolls I’ll try a few more shops in the area. If not I’m sure there are places in Taichung to pick some up next time I go.

  2. From Taichung train station, walk straight up the road that leads toward SOGO. After about 1km, you’ll come to 2 stores on opposite sides of the road, both of which should have Tri-X. That’s assuming they’re still in business and haven’t moved.

    Otherwise, I could send you a Tri-X preset for Lightroom.

  3. I (heart) temple parades!

    It’s hard to work out when they are unless you are willing to constantly go around and ask different temples, and keep track in a datebook – a datebook purchased in Taiwan so the lunar calendar dates are noted below the Julian ones (something I’ve tried doing and failed at)…but whenever I can I try to track them down for fun and photo opportunities!

  4. Thanks for the directions Craig! I found the presets you mentioned online! I’ll give them a try to tide myself over.

    Jenna – they’re definitely great photo-ops. I usually don’t know one is coming until I look through the windows of tour buses riding through town and see passengers all wearing the same colored hats. With one of the temples in town, I can usually hear the activities starting from my school which is a couple blocks away. Their parade path goes past my school, so sometimes I am lucky enough to be on break when they are passing by.

  5. I am probably being too cranky and Western about it – but I find the temple parades annoying and polluting (noise pollution and the trash they leave behind). Do they even need to apply to local governments for permission to take over streets or do they just do it?

  6. I think I would be a lot more annoyed by them if they passed my house. Luckily, their routes are always quite far from where I live and can only barely hear firecrackers in the distance.

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