The Shuili Snake Kiln

Shuili Snake Kiln
The Shuili Snake Kiln [水里蛇窯] was built in 1927 when master potter Lin Chiang-sung [林江松] arrived in this small town in rural Nantou County.  Today visitors can create their own ceramic pieces,  learn about the ceramics making process, and enjoy the works of local artists.

Shuili Snake Kiln
Above and below are images of the massive Snake Kiln.  The kiln has been completely rebuilt after its destruction during the 921 Earthquake of 1999.

Shuili Snake Kiln

Shuili Snake Kiln
A 921 Earthquake Memorial built with pieces of pottery broken during the earthquake

Shuili Snake Kiln
This two-mouthed vase is the largest in the world, standing at 6.6 meters tall

Shuili Snake Kiln
Half the fun of a visit is discovering the several works of art scattered around the area.

Shuili Snake Kiln
A quiet room

Shuili Snake Kiln
Getting there: Take the train to Shuili Station [on the Jiji Line] and hop on the Fengrong Bus [bound for Puli or Shuanglong] to Snake Kiln Stop.

For those with your own transportation take Freeway 1 to the Changhua System Interchange and hop on Freeway 3.   Exit at the Mingjian Interchange and drive on Provincial Hwy 3 followed by Prov. Hwy 16.  There is parking across from the entrance and a couple of Aboriginal-style food stands on the way up.

Address: No.41, Dingkan Lane, Dingkan Village, Shuili Township, Nantou [水里鄉頂崁村頂崁虇巷41號].

Shuili Snake Kiln

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