Jianguo Market Photowalk

Jianguo Market
Extra Crispy or Original Recipe?

Over the weekend I met up with Taichung-based photographer/blogger Mark Forman over in his stomping grounds for some photography and conversation.  Our first stop was Taichung’s Jianguo Market [建國市場], located a stone’s throw from the train station.  Like others in Taiwan, the market is a total assault on the senses.  I am gradually getting over my apprehension to photograph strangers thanks in part to an excellent guide written by Darren Melrose last year and in part to taking walks like this and realizing I can only take so many pictures of fresh produce on a table.  For those waiting for my still life pictures from the walk, you’ll have to wait because they are sitting on an unfinished roll in my FM2.

Jianguo Market
Head shopping

After the walk I was asked why I was taking people shots with the D90 and my still life shots with the FM2.  Part of the reason is that with moving subjects, I can get instant verification if my focus and exposure were spot on.  If I’m taking a photograph of a few dozen bell peppers I have plenty of time to focus and don’t have to worry about them suddenly turning around, stepping into unflattering lighting, ect.  That and I am curious how various films treat colors once developed.  So far it seems the only stuff they sell in town is various film speeds of Fujifilm.

Jianguo Market
Head shopping II

Jianguo Market

Jianguo Market
Nice to meat you

Jianguo Market
Smiling on the chopping block

4 thoughts on “Jianguo Market Photowalk

  1. great shots, todd! moving back to taiwan indefinitely in a month — looking forward to getting lots of good pictures and of course, endless good food.

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