Saturday Morning Photowalk

Jhongsing Village 中興新村
My friend and fellow blogger Mark Forman came down from Taichung for a much overdue photowalk around Jhongsing Village and Caotun.  We had talked about having one here from way back when we had our photowalk around the Old Taichung Winery.  Luckily, we were blessed with wonderful weather for our walks around morning markets, parks, and temples.

Jhongsing Village 中興新村A house in the Jhongsing Resident Artist Program‘s neighborhood [中興新村駐村藝術家], I guess participants aren’t required to cut the grass

I had carried my Nikon D90 on one shoulder and my Nikon FM2 on the other.  I only took three shots with the D90.  All the pictures featured today were shot on the FM2 using Fujifilm Superia 400.

Tzude TempleTzude Temple [慈德宮]

I’m still getting a feel for the FM2 and shooting film in general.  I certainly have a much better ratio of keepers to throwaways than I did my first couple of rolls.  I don’t bother getting prints, just a CD of the negative scans from the print shop is good enough for me.  If needed, I do a few slight adjustments in Lightroom before throwing pictures online.
Tzude Temple

Tzude Temple [慈德宮]

My goal is to develop a roll every two weeks.  Lately, that’s been pretty easy because I often go out with both cameras.
Dengying Academy [登瀛書院]

Dengying Academy [登瀛書院]

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