Innsbruck Images

Here’s a half-dozen shots from our day-trip to Innsbruck.  We discovered shortly after arriving to the train station that there were Oktoberfest celebrations going on which meant a lot of parades, sausages, and beer.

Triumphpforte – built in 1765 to mark the marriage of archduke Leopold and the Spanish princess Maria Ludovica

Parade line up

Crowds enjoying the festive atmosphere, waving the flag of Tyrol

Taking a break

2 thoughts on “Innsbruck Images

  1. I really enjoyed my one day in Innsbruck, a beautiful and charming town! We stayed in a historical hotel which has been there since 1473 and operates by Best Western now. The room was very tiny, reminded me the size of cruise ship room, but it was very cozy and clean~~

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