Yue-mei Sugar Refinery

Yue-mei Sugar Refinery
Cathy and I found ourselves with some free time while in Houli Township after visiting a friend so we checked out the Yue-mei Sugar Refinery [月眉糖廠].  Located in Taichung County and built in 1909, the Yue-mei Sugar Refinery was just one of several refineries for Taiwan’s once booming sugar industry.
Yue-mei Sugar Refinery
Unlike Kaohsiung’s refinery in Ciaotou which has lots of information about Taiwan’s sugar industry in both Chinese and English, the Yue-mei Sugar Refinery has very little information in Chinese and absolutely none in English.  It seems that most of their efforts were spent making sure the shop selling Taisugar-related products was well stocked and well staffed.
Yue-mei Sugar Refinery
Despite my complaints, I did have fun walking through the old factory taking pictures, which explains why I’m posting so many factory photos.
Yue-mei Sugar Refinery
Looking up through the old chimney:
Yue-mei Sugar Refinery
For those wishing to visit, the refinery is open daily from 8:30-5:30 and is located at #864 Jiahou Road, Houli Township, Taichung County [ 台中縣后里鄉甲后路864號].
Yue-mei Sugar Refinery

2 thoughts on “Yue-mei Sugar Refinery

  1. This is definitely an interesting place to visit and to discover the process of how sugar was produced in the past! I especially like the old train, old chimney, and tunnel. Thanks!

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