Weekly Links – February 26, 2010


EVENTS: The Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival runs from now till March 7.  Craig Ferguson is hosting a Pingxi Sky Lanterns Photowalk on February 28, the photowalk plans to visit Pinxi during the afternoon before photographing the Sky Lantern Festival. Justice For All 2010 in Pingdong on February 28. The Yanshui Firecrackers Ceremony is also on February 28.  More events at Taiwanderful.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Links – February 26, 2010

  1. What’s the difference between the photowalk and the festival?

    We were planning to go on Sunday, but the weather prediction is for MORE RAIN (oh yay – clearly the weather gods do not like the tiger year) so we are thinking of going tomorrow. I am kinda sick of being outside in the rain, if you hadn’t guessed!

  2. I see where the confusion is coming from, I’ll try a quick edit.

    The photowalk is attending the festival and is organized by Craig Ferguson, it’s a great chance to meet a lot of talented photographers.

    However, if there’s a chance of rain on Sunday I would suggest going tomorrow instead!

  3. The rain is forecast for Saturday. Sunday, the day of the festival and photowalk is meant to be fine, at least according to CWB.

    For anyone interested, my cosplay shots from last week are on my site. Cosplay Gallery but they didn’t get a blog. The first 43 images in the gallery are from last week.

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