DIY Chocolate in Miaoli

Chocolate Box

Earlier this week my school took a field trip to Miaoli for some DIY chocolate at Schokolake [巧克力雲莊].  This was one of three stops during our school’s Miaoli trip and I’m pretty sure our students had the most fun here.  The area outside the chocolate factory is quite lovely with several flowering trees such as these Cherry Blossoms [櫻花] that were in full bloom during our visit:
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms
In addition to the Cherry Blossoms were these Plum Blossoms [梅花], the national flower of the Republic of China:
Plum Blossoms

Once all the teachers and parents were finished taking pictures of flowers and taking pictures of each other in front of flowers, it was time to start our DIY chocolate.  Although it may not look like it now, there are eventually going to look like delicious Christmas trees:
Adding chocolate into the molds:
Adding sprinkles and nuts:
Staff members came around to all the tables and collected our chocolate creations.  After that we went outside to eat lunch boxes on the lawn and play games.  When we left, the staff wheeled out huge insulated boxes to our buses.

So how did the chocolate taste?  I don’t know, mine somehow went missing.  When we got back to school a couple of teachers handed out the individually labeled boxes to the students.  They said they didn’t see mine.  Later, an unlabeled box turned up.  I opened it only to find that the chocolates inside were probably a student’s because they were significantly messier in appearance than the ones I gave the staff.  My boss even went so far as to call Schokolake to see if my box was laying around there.  Unfortunately #543 – 陶德 was nowhere to be found.  Unlike the students, I didn’t have to pay to go along, so I’m over my initial disappointment.

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