Weekly Links – January 28, 2010


EVENTS: Taipei International Book Exhibition now through February 1. Taipei Big Street New Year Shopping Festival January 29 through February 12. Taipei Game Show February 5-9.  Cosplay at NTU February 20-21. For concerts, check out GigGuide.tw!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Links – January 28, 2010

  1. Interesting article on China Beat on Daoism and “Avatar”.

    Too bad it doesn’t seem to have a comment section; the piece mentions “unobtainium” and says it’s a very Daoist idea; true that, but the writer seems to imply that the word was made up for this movie. Actually it’s a term that’s been in use for quite a long time in engineering, technology and, well, most of the sciences. So much so that it’s got its own Wikipedia entry.

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