2009 Tongluo Chrysanthemum & Taro Festival

Tongluo Trip
The 2009 Miaoli Tongluo Chrysanthemum & Taro Festival [2009苗栗銅鑼杭菊芋頭節] kicked off on Saturday, November 7 at Jiuhu Leisure Farm.   We checked out the festival yesterday and had learned that we were still a little early for the total bloom.  After walking a little further from the main festival area that had a stage and various tents selling crafts and taro and chrysanthemum based goods, we found an area with a pretty high percentage already blooming.
Tongluo Trip
Tongluo Trip
Besides white, there were also a lot of yellow chrysanthemums.  There was also a small patch of a light purple variety, but I didn’t grab any shots of those.
Tongluo Trip
For more information on the event, check out TTNews.

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