Weekly Links – November 5, 2009

Nantou’s been rocking this evening:

17:32 6.0 magnitude 13.8 km SSE of Nantou City [if you were anywhere within Caotun Township you probably heard me screaming].

17:38 4.7 magnitude 13.4 km SSE of Nantou City.

17:56 3.6 magnitude 16.0 km SE of Nantou City.

19:34 5.7 magnitude 15.3 km SSE of Nantou City.

19:39 3.6 magnitude 15.6 km SE of Nantou City.

20:04 3.5 magnitude 13.9 km SSE of Nantou City.

21:13 3.6 magnitude 16.8 km SE of Nantou City.

Check out the Central Weather Bureau for the latest information on recent seismic activity.

What’s on the blogs?

Taiwan Best Blog Awards 2009

Taiwanderful is again running the Taiwan Best Blog Awards in 2009 following the inaugural competition last year. This year a new feature is being added to the awards. As well as online voting there will also be a peer-judged award. A team of Taiwan bloggers will judge the blogs in various categories.

Be sure to register your blog.  Voting will take place from 1-20 December 2009.

EVENTS: International Seminar on the Conservation of the Eastern Taiwan Strait Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin November 6.

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