Weekly Links – October 15, 2009


EVENTS: Wild at Heart is looking for volunteers to help save the Changhua Coast October 25.  Peace Festival near Hualien November 6-8.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Links – October 15, 2009

  1. Todd — interesting follow up to the Woodstock blog story that didn’t make it into the papers here for reasons of space and timing and budget cuts …. but one the expats interviewed for the story, Martin DeJonge who lives in northern Taiwan along a beautiful beach and works in central Taipei for a marketing firm told me that HE WAS IN THAT ANG LEE movie about Woodstock. It’s true. His sister was the production designer for Lee on the movie last year, and in one scene, she quietly arranged to have a photograph and her and her brother and other family members placed in one of the interior scenes in a home for the movie. So Martin was suppoed to appear in the movie as part of that photograph! It would have been his first starrring role as an extra, he told me. BUT….

    FATE intervened, and here is the rest of the story: He tells me today:

    “I went to see the Ang Lee movie at Warner Village in Taipei last week. The other members of my family were clearly to be seen in that photo, but me? Covered up by Chinese subtitles! How funny is that!”

    Close, but no cigar. Still, I would give him an honorary Oscar for ALMOST appearing in an Ang Lee film!

    True story!

    PS: There was a long hour-long interview on TVBS channel 56 last night with Ang Lee in Chinese, he seems like one of the most relaxed and laid-back directors Hollywood has ever fielded! He just radiates cool laidback easygoing Tainan teenage boy from way back, and although he’s now in his 50s, he’s still that little boy growing up in Tainan, with the whole world before him now. BRAVO!

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