Karlštejn Castle

A short journey from Prague, Karlštejn Castle was built by Charles IV from 1348 to 1357 to safeguard the crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire.  The castle’s current look is the result of a neo-Gothic reconstruction by Josef Mocker between 1887 and 1899.
Castle tour
The castle hosts the largest portrait gallery of Czech rulers in the country by Master Theodoric.
Castle tour
Getting there: The journey to Karlštejn takes about 45 minutes from Prague’s Main Station.  The two-way ticket for the both of us cost 128 Kc [about 5 Euros].  Once you get to Karlštejn Train Station it’s a short walk to town where there are plenty of restaurants and souvenir shops followed by a walk uphill to the castle.  If you don’t feel like walking, there are plenty of horse-drawn carriages that can take you.
Castle tour
For more pictures of the castle and the town of Karlštejn, check out my flickr set.

2 thoughts on “Karlštejn Castle

  1. I would love to go see a site like that!

    How did you find the cost of things in Prague? I read years ago that it was a very affordable part of Europe to visit for young tourists who don’t mind forgoing the luxury of Western Europe (and thus the price tag).

  2. The cost of food, accommodations, and travel within the Czech Republic was certainly cheaper than the Austrian-leg of our journey. I talked to a friend of mine who went there last year and 8 years before that who said the prices had gone up a lot during that period of time.

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