Taiwan Design Expo [1 of 3] – Robots


演 [yǎn] – to develop / to evolve / to practice / to perform / to play / to act

This post is the first of a three part series of yesterday’s visit to the Taiwan Design Expo with my friend and fellow blogger Mark Forman.  The second part will focus on displays at the expo that didn’t have anything to do with non-functional robots, while the third will focus on the old Taichung Winery, where the event is being held through October 18.
The expo and displays are completely photo-friendly.  If people photography is your thing there were plenty of people of all ages there at the time we went.
These robots at the expo were made out of someone’s discarded steel and most of them were too cute for my tastes, with the exception of this one:
RobotsIt should come as no surprise to anyone to learn that I have a Decepticons sticker on the front of my bicycle.  Not the bike I rode when I was ten, but the one I ride around now.

For more information on the event, check out the official website.

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