Daily Photo – Light Your World


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Craig Ferguson’s Light Your World photography workshop.  In the morning, we covered basic theory and became familiar with equipment and gear.  After lunch we found a sheltered area of the Huashan Cultural Park to experiment with gear before Jaclynn, our model for the afternoon arrived.  If you’re thinking of attending a workshop held by Craig in the future, I highly recommend doing so.

Strobist info: SB600 at 1/4 power through white umbrella camera right.

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Light Your World

  1. Craig – just ensuring everyone got a chance to practice!

    Mark – I was expecting to see you at the workshop and was disappointed when I learned you weren’t coming. We’re going to have to book our own photowalk in Taichung or Jhongsing soon.

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