The Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of cycling with the Nantou City Power Cycling Club to a destination I haven’t visited since last year:  The Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls [龍鳳瀑布].  The waterfalls are located in Zhongliao’s [中寮] Cingshui Village [清水村].  I’m happy to report that since my last visit, the walkway heading towards the waterfall has been repaired and other parts have been improved which should make this destination much more accessible if visiting with children.  A second walkway, on the other side of the Longan Forest River [龍眼林溪] has not been completed yet.
The waterfall is divided into two sections:  The Phoenix Waterfall, which is graceful and slender, and the Dragon Waterfall, which is robust and non-restrained.
Longfeng Waterfall

The Phoenix Waterfall [鳳瀑布]

Longfeng Waterfall

The Dragon Waterfall [龍瀑布]

10 thoughts on “The Dragon and Phoenix Waterfalls

  1. Hello! I am currently living and teaching in Nantou City. I have been here since November and I am looking to do some more exploring around the area. How can I find these waterfalls? I have a scooter and I’m pretty good at finding my way around. Are they pretty easy to get to? Thanks!

    • Hi Christine,

      How are you enjoying Nantou City so far?

      The falls are pretty easy to get to on a scooter. I’ve included a link to a map I made for you on Google Maps using Nantou City’s Carrefour as a starting point. Along the way there are signs that say the Chinese name [龍鳳瀑布]. On the path up you’ll pass a very colorful temple on your left near the beginning of the climb followed by a couple of big switchbacks. The parking lot for the falls is up a ways after that on the left hand side immediately after a small bridge after the climb temporarily levels out. Last time I went a few sections of the pathway were washed out so wear comfortable non-slip shoes as you may need to walk from rock to rock in the riverbed or along some mossy stones.,120.742664&spn=0.120195,0.17046&t=m&z=13

      • Hey!

        Thanks a lot! I am really liking Nantou…there is so much to explore and do around here! I live nearby Carrefour, so the directions will be perfect. The link to the map didn’t work though..I opened it and it just took me to the google maps website. Could you try again maybe? And how long is the walk to the falls from the parking lot? Thanks for your help and sorry for the delayed response…I didn’t realize you had replied!


  2. Good news! I found the waterfalls yesterday afternoon! They were very beautiful and pretty easy to find with your directions. The only bad thing was that I got rained on all the way home 😦 haha thanks for your help!

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