8 thoughts on “Daily Photo – FM2

  1. Range – I brought my second roll to the print shop earlier this evening and will be picking it up tomorrow during lunch break. A small handful from the first roll have been on this site as daily photos, those and future pics from it can be found here:


    Have you browsed the classifieds at dcview.com? You may be able to pick up one for a little less.

    Mark – I like the 50mm focal length much more on this film camera than on the cropped sensor of my D90. Walk around with your zoom lens stuck on 50mm for a week or two and then walk around with it stuck on 35mm. You’ll find you may want a 35mm lens more.

  2. I was bordering on my envy when I heard you got FM2 and this photo just pushed me over the fence now I’m officially jealous LOL
    You are right about 35mm on crop sensors. 50mm on crop is good for portraits but most of the times especially indoors I always wish I had 35mm or even less on me.

  3. The benefit is that there is a good DX 50mm lens that’s incredibly cheap. I picked up a cheapo 18-55mm for 2700NT new on camera street.

    @Todd No I didn’t check those classified out, but I will, thanks! I’ve wanted a medium format film camera for years now.

  4. i smiled! your photos usually give me an incredible lift!
    thanks for clicing!… oh an i hope you enjoyed my smile as well, – it is new:) thanks Invisalines!

  5. Range – good point on the price. I think after getting a 50mm I slowly caught on to previsualizing how scenes would look once photographed after walking around for several days stuck on one focal length.

    Georgia – thanks!

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