Weekly Links – August 13, 2009


UPDATE: Fundraising concert at Ximen’s Red Theater on Saturday afternoon (Aug. 15).  Performances include Kimbo Hu, Panai and the Nanwang Sisters.

Indie Rock concert for disaster relief this Saturday and Sunday (Aug. 15-16) 3pm to 9pm at Freedom Square [CKS Memorial Hall].

Typhoon Morakot – Donating, volunteering, commentary and info:

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3 thoughts on “Weekly Links – August 13, 2009

  1. Todd, thanks for collecting all the typhoon related information.

    For those in Taipei there is a fundraising concert at the Red Theatre in Ximen tomorrow (8/15) featuring Kimbo Hu, Panai and the Nanwang Sisters. More details at http://bit.ly/KDWqw I spoke to a couple of people last night who said more fundraising events are being planned in the next few weeks.

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