Daily Photo – Typhoon Morakot

The Storm Leaves
Typhoon Morakot left a path of destruction in its aftermath.  The full extent of the damage may not be known for a few days.  The AP reports that 400 people are missing in Pingtung after a mudslide buried a village.  Michael Turton and David Reid have both compiled several links of typhoon related news.  Taiwanese Secrets posted some basic information on typhoon season and how best to prepare for a storm.

Videos: A hotel collapses in Taitung County, footage of a flooded plain viewed from the Taiwan High Speed Rail, and a bridge washes away in Kaohsiung.

5 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Typhoon Morakot

  1. The mountainous townships like Ren-ai and Xinyi got hit pretty bad as did areas along the Zhuoshui River. As of yesterday the area of my commute to and from work hardly had any evidence that a typhoon had passed through. The area I live in is lucky, but that could change as development continues.

  2. Wow, those videos you posted really make those of us who are not witnessing firsthand get a glimpse at what you are experiencing in Taiwan.

    GlobalGiving.com, the internationally recognized marketplace for philanthropy that connects individual donors to the causes they care most about, is also providing immediate assistance of Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan.

    Please donate at: http://www.globalgiving.com/projects/taiwan-typhoon-relief-and-assistance-fund/ .

    Here in the U.S., we are keeping you in our thoughts and hoping the best as Taiwan moves forward from this natural disaster.

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