Cycling Shanlinxi

Shanlinxi Trip 04
The cycling group I recently joined, The Nantou City Power Cycling Club took a trip to Shanlinxi [杉林溪] on Sunday.  Shanlinxi is about 17 kilometers uphill from the Xitou Recreational Forest Park [溪頭森林遊樂區].
Shanlinxi Trip 05
My cycling team drove out early to avoid traffic.  We unloaded our bikes just past the Xitou Recreational Forest Park entrance and cycled the 17 km / 400-500 meter climb to our destination.  The views along the way were nothing short of magical.
Shanlinxi Trip 09
Before long we made it to the Shanlinxi Forest Recrational Area and it was time for an exciting downhill journey back to the cars to grab lunch and head back to Nantou City.
Shanlinxi Trip 11

9 thoughts on “Cycling Shanlinxi

  1. What beautiful scenery! It certainly makes you feel how wonderful it is to be alive, no? Is all of it nearby, or are these weekend trips you have to take for these magnificent cycling journeys?

    I wish Tokyo and middle North Carolina had such magnificent natural views…!

  2. Bryan – Yes, it was great, the area we cycled was about a fifty minute drive from Nantou City, we were back by early afternoon. I’m hoping to take a weekday off to cycle all the way there and back. All the other cycling trips I’ve taken here have started from my house.

    Jim – it was a beautiful day and nice and cool up in the mountains [1100-1600m above sea level for the area we cycled. It didn’t start to rain until we were done and starting to eat lunch.

  3. Beautiful pics and ride Todd. I’ve recently been contacted by an Asian cycling media group that are looking to integrate and promote cycling (both pro and recreation) throughout Asia. Do you think your cycling club would be interested?

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