Daily Photo – Remodeling

I took this shot during the Taichung-edition of the 2009 Worldwide Photo Walk.  It was great seeing people I haven’t seen in ages and meeting plenty of talented and enthusiastic photographers.  Mark Forman has a brief write-up of the event and Michael Turton describes an unfortunate situation one young man in our group encountered after photographing a shop at the Taichung Hardware Market.

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Remodeling

  1. TO LDL-that’s probably why you like it?? 😀 Sad about that guy. Still don’t know who he is. Glad you were able to hook back up with us. I invited you to the Group page.

  2. Thanks LDL, it’s a bunch of fluorescent lights in front of a shop that was being remodeled.

    Mark – I look forward to future photo meet-ups in Taichung. I hope we can build momentum as a club with each meeting.

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