Sunday Cycling – Pingding/Zhongliao [M] Loop

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This morning I embarked on the same route I cycled last week.  This path brought me up to the Pingding Sacred Tree and down through Zhongliao [中寮鄉] on a slightly extended edition of a path I usually take.
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Following the painted arrow towards Nantou is my usual route, but I hardly work up a sweat going in that direction anymore.
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The gentle curves of Country Road #17:
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There are many farms along this rural route, here Longan [龍眼] grow along the side of the road:
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Stopping at Guangfu Elementary School [廣福國民小學] for a brief rest:
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And spotting some Jack Fruit [菠蘿蜜] growing behind one of the playground’s basketball hoops:
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Here’s a Common Tiger [Danaus genutia (黑脈樺斑蝶)], not to be confused with Danaus chrysippus, or a female Hypolimnas misippus.  Those dark bands are a dead giveaway and from several meters away I recognized it and knew I haven’t taken a decent picture of one yet.  Here’s the best I could do after an extensive crop after shooting with the Tamron 17-50 f/2.8:
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The longest, straight road on the route:
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The beautiful and clean Pinglin River [平林溪] below:
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The same river, right before the road takes a short climb to County Road #139:
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One last shot of Zhongliao before I head into the more developed Nantou City:
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And finally, no trip would be complete without a stop to buy some pineapples to take home.  The seller doesn’t use any chemicals on his crops so definately stop here if you find yourself in Nantou City and have a craving for pineapples.  The stand is located on Nansiang Road [南鄉路] across from house #200:
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Here’s a map of the fun:

5 thoughts on “Sunday Cycling – Pingding/Zhongliao [M] Loop

  1. Todd, looks like a fun ride. i’m going to have to put the trike on the car carrier and come down to join you sometime. i’m getting burnt out riding the same places up here. great reporting, thanks!

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