Daily Photo – Pineapple Stand

Pineapple Stand
A man selling delicious, chemical and pesticide-free pineapples on the outskirts of Nantou City.  I hope to re-cycle this route in the next few weeks so I can give an accurate location of the stand.

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo – Pineapple Stand

  1. Nice shot. Love those pineapples. Of course, pineAPPLES are not apples. Why did it get that name? Google knows the answer over at Wikipedia entry.

    But here is a Q for you: why is pineapple called FENG LI in Chinese? Answer: ____________________________.

    Will send you one box of dried feng li if you answer correctly. Contest ends in 10 days. Ask 100 people in your area, finally you will get the correct answer. The other 99 people will be wrong. Try it.

  2. Mark – My wife is undecided, but she is leaning towards going to Taipei that weekend to visit her grandfather and friends. I’ll do my best to stop and grab some pineapples before I head out to Taichung for the photowalk.

    Ellen – The best was a google search that led to a thread at the Chinese History forum in which one poster stated, “Pineapples is also regared as a auspicious fruit for festivals beacuse in the Hokkien language, “Huang Li” (黄梨) is translated to be ” Ong Lai” which means ” Prosperous Come”(旺)”

    That’s the best I can do, I probably won’t get around to asking 100 people. If I’m right you can keep the dried fengli.

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