Kaohsiung – Zuoying Lotus Pond

Dragon and Tiger Pagodas
The last attraction on our Kaohsiung trip was a stop to the Lotus Pond in Zuoying [蓮池潭龍虎塔].  The man-made pond is a short bus ride from the Zuoying KMRT and HSR Station and is located between Gui Mountain [龜山] and Banping Mountain [半平山].  Here are a few photos of the pond’s Dragon and Tiger Towers:

2 thoughts on “Kaohsiung – Zuoying Lotus Pond

  1. Nice photos – looks like you had great weather during your visit.

    If I remember correctly, you’re supposed to get swallowed by the dragon, then excreted. Then you “re-enter” the tiger (I can’t think of a better way to describe it), before being vomited out. Nobody said salvation would be neat and clean!

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