Kaohsiung – The Singuang Ferry Wharf and Tunix Sky Tower

Tuntex Sky Tower
After breakfast on our second day in Kaohsiung we hopped on the KMRT and got off at Sanduo Shopping District Station [三多商圈站].  We had two things in mind: 1) buy new shoes for my wife because the pair she was wearing was not cut out for the walking we were doing and 2) visit the Tunix Sky Tower [高雄85大樓].
Tuntex Sky Tower
Since we arrived early and the shopping malls were still closed, we decided to head to the Tunix Sky Building.  It was a hot day, so the walk felt much further than it really was [even more so for Cathy who was stuck in uncomfortable sandals].  Luckily, I heroically carried her the final few meters to a shaded area of the Singuang Ferry Wharf [新光碼頭].
Tuntex Sky Tower
The Singuang Ferry Wharf is located at the end of Singuang Road is a great place to enjoy a walk or bike ride.
Tuntex Sky Tower
The Tunix Sky Tower is located beside the ferry wharf.  After its completion in 1997, the 85-floor Tunix Sky Tower surpassed Taipei’s Shin Kong Life Tower as Taiwan’s tallest skyscraper.  It wasn’t long before it was dethroned by the completion of Taipei 101 in 2004.  The unusual “prong” design of the Tunix Sky Tower was inspired by the Chinese character for “tall” [gao 高], which is also the first character of the city’s name.
Tuntex Sky Tower
The whole area was pretty much deserted when we went.  Perhaps Kaohsiung residents spent most of their time indoors on days like this.  Maybe the city will get a lot of international guests when the World Games starts in less than a month, hopefully by then someone will put English-language tourist brochures in the KMRT stations.
Tuntex Sky Tower

2 thoughts on “Kaohsiung – The Singuang Ferry Wharf and Tunix Sky Tower

  1. I have been to Kaohsiung only once but hardly went to any place except of course love river. We were there for an afternoon only.I really should arrange a 3~4 day trip to checkout the southern tip to Taiwan. Great photos from your Kaohsiung trip. Love the wide perspective on the 2nd shot here 🙂

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