Weekly Links – June 11, 2009

Taiwan Barbet
Feeding time in the blogsphere

EVENTS: Free Burma Concert at 7pm on June 19 at the No. 4 Park in Zhonghe [a stone’s throw from the Yongan Market MRT Station].  The Taipei Film Festival runs from June 27-July 12. Photowalks in Taipei and Taichung on July 18.  More events at Taiwanderful.

Have an event you want listed?  Contact me.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Links – June 11, 2009

  1. Craig – Thank you, you’ve had nothing but great content since you resumed blogging!

    David – Thank you for the correction, I’m still a novice at the weekly links!

    Ashish – Thanks for finally showing pics of your beautiful daughter!

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