Daily Photo – A bird and its young

Japanese White-eye
This is an older picture of one of the Japanese White-eyes [Zosterops japonicus (綠繡眼)] that made a nest in front of the house.  I took more recent pictures on Sunday, but am having trouble getting them off the memory card they are on because of my Transcend SDHC card decided to crap out on me.

On Sunday morning we noticed the largest of the chicks stretching out its wings and peaking over the edge of the nest as though it was ready to try to fly.  The two smaller ones were definitely not yet ready.

In the late afternoon we came home from running errands and noticed only the smallest of the three chicks was still in the nest.  A neighbor told us he had picked it up off the ground.  Although one may have flown off on its own, the other most certainly didn’t.  We figured one of the neighborhood stray cats may have jumped up and hit the nest as it was only about a meter off the ground.

On Monday morning we looked outside to find part of the nest on the ground and no sign of the chicks.  We’re guessing this time the cat was able to tear the whole nest from the small planted tree.  Although they were just doing what is natural for them, suddenly the neighborhood cats don’t seem so cute after this sad incident.

3 thoughts on “Daily Photo – A bird and its young

  1. Oh that is a sad story Todd. Damn cats. I had a pet green parrot when I was young and I made a mistake of keeping one of our windows open. unfortunately one of the neighborhood cat got to him in the night and that was the end of poor fellow 😦 Since then I had built strong disliking of cats but over the course of time I got over it and I had to because that cat did what she knew best and it was stupid of me to hate them for what nature made them to do. I even went as far to adopt 2 stray cats in Jhongli but these days they are in Changhua at in-laws place because I am reluctant to have them around Susan,our 3 month old daughter.

  2. MJ – hopefully I can savage a few of the newer pics from the old memory card!

    Ashish – what a terrible experience! I’m glad you were able to grow out of your hatred for cats. Last year, my cat in the U.S. died at the age of 16. It was very strange going home to visit and him not being around.

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